Saturday, April 20, 2013

Umbra Polaris Security Configuration (Laptop)


ACER Aspire 7738g
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Local: /
Cloud: Comodo Internet security (CIS)
Anti-Rootkit: CIS
Firewall CIS
Intrusion Detection System: /
Packet Inspection: /
Protocol Filter: /
Certificate checker: /
Network Protection: /
Prevention Systems

Behavior Blocker: CIS
Anti-Executable: /
Infection Rollback: /
System-Wide: /
Restriction-based Sandbox: /
Full Virtualization Sandbox: CIS
Virtual Machine: Virtual Box (WinXP)
2nd Opinion Scanners
Local: none on the system, all in USB (see below)
Cloud: none on the system, all in USB (see below)
Web Protection
Web Shield/URL Filter: /
Anti-Phishing: /
Web Reputation: Webutation
Ad-Blocker: Adblock Plus
Script protection: /
Domain/Website Manager: /
Hosts Blocker: /
Hosts File Protection: CIS
DNS Checker: /
Password/Form Protection: Lastpass
DNS Server: Open DNS
DNS Traffic Encryption: /
VPN: /
Additionnal Protection
UAC/SmartScreen: Maximum
Dedicated Anti-Spyware: /
Dedicated Anti-keylogger: /
Hash Checker: Hashtab
Apps Protection: /
File Protection:  CIS
File Reputation: CIS
Registry Protection: CIS
Autorun Protection: CIS
Email & Antispam Protection: /
Instant Messenger Protection: /
P2P Protection: /
Document Protection: /
Removable Media/USB Protection: CIS
Banking/Shopping protection: /
Social Media Protection: ESET Social Scanner
System Rollback:  AX64 Time Machine
Anti-Theft: /
System Reinforcement
Apps Hardening: /
Encryption: /
System Vulnerabilities Monitor:  Secunia PSI
Autorun/Startup Monitor: Comodo Autorun
Process Monitor: ERP, Process Hacker,
Registry Manager: Comodo Autorun
Network Monitor: /
System Maintenance & Optimization
Browser Cleaner: /
System Cleaner: Ccleaner with CCEnhancer,
System Optimizer: WiseCare 365 Portable
Backup: Acronis TI 2012 (on USB), Paragon Hard Disk Manager
Boot CDs: Hiren Boot CD (on USB),
USB Toolbox
Boot CD: Hiren Boot CD made bootable via USB
Portable OS: Mini-WinXP/Win7
Scanners: Emsisoft Emergency Kit, McAffee Stinger, MBAM, Comodo CE, Norton PE,Kaspersky TDSSKiller, Dr Web CureIt, Gmer,
Disinfecting tools: Rkill, Combofix, Sanitycheck, etc...

My configuration is made by virtue of the layered protection idea.
All my security softwares are selected specifically to run together without conflict, i set them for maximum compatibility/protection with the lowest resources usage possible.
This kind of combo is not suited for beginners since many settings and tweaks must be done to make it fully functionnal and system-safe


  1. Could you suggest a free and quiet AV to run alongside WSA? I do not like Avast.

  2. Umbra, I have been running 360 Internet Security with WSA and there have been no conflicts 180 days in. My license for WSA was 6 years. That's right! Six years. That's how much I believe in this product. I normally never ever do that but I believe WSA to be special and exceptional. I just wish more people like yourself understood how it works then there would be more converts. Hopefully AV-Test and AVC will recognize that WSA works differently and change the way they test it. Another combo. Eset NOD32 7.0 co-exists with WSA, maybe better than any WSA combo I've tried, but I realize it's not free software. That is the combo I run on my home PC along with Privatefirewall. Once I took the time to learn the proper configuration of PFW it has turned out to be the lightest, least obtrusive firewall software I have ever used. Lighter than Comodo which I swore I would never remove from my home PC but Privatefirewall is quite powerful and I like the layered approach using different products. So that's it. Qihoo, WSA & PFW on the family PC and WSA, NOD32 V7 & PFW on my home and SOHO PC. Your site is fantastic and please stay active on Wilders & Malware Tips since there are very few people on those forums that are not fanboys of particular products and who have the knowledge you do. Recently Wilders has degenerated into flaming back and forth between members who only have opinion without facts to back those opinions up. Or even worse, erroneous facts that have no basis in reality. We need more of you and other members like cruelsister who can have intelligent conversations based on actual facts and not solely on opinion. Keep up the good work!