Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[Quick Review] Reboot Restore Rx

Reboot Restore RX

Advanced Technology designed for small public access computing environments.
It’s a challenge to maintain public access PC's - at hotels, internet cafes, and libraries - where users are not always careful and usage is high. Reboot Restore Rx simplifies the management of PC's in shared computing environments...
Reboot Restore Rx is a non-restrictive hard drive restore product designed for public access PC management. The PC users feel as though they have complete control over the PC. But regardless of what they do, including erasing files, installing software or even hacking the system registry, Reboot Restore Rx will automatically restore the PC to a predefined baseline -- every time the workstation is restarted, or turned on. Making the workstations perfectly configured and available for the next user.


Reboot Restore RX ( aka RR RX) is a simpler version of Rollback RX, it allows you to create only one snapshot of your current system, then you can discard/keep all changes via a reboot.

in situation:

1- you install RR RX,  it reboot your system then create an initial snapshot called the "baseline",

2- the Tray icon is turned on by default, the baseline will re restored (so everything you do from now will be discarded) at the next reboot

3- You turn off the tray icon and make some changes, then you turn it on again; from now all the changes you have made will be kept and the next reboot will "update" the baseline with your changes.


- Very easy to use
- Very light
- Free
- you can restore or update the baseline


- Unlike Rollback RX, only one snapshot
- No GUI (some will say it is a good thing ^^)

Thanks for this short reading :D


  1. I have been using Reboot restore rx for about 3 weeks on my kids computers its a great freeware and replacement for windows steady state. Im surprised that this is free.

  2. Umbra- you got a nice blog going on here. Just to update this article, there is a new version out which has got an additional security feature - which is only the administrators of the account will have access to the Reboot Restore Rx Console in order to enable/disable the restore function.