Saturday, April 20, 2013

[How To Set] ESET Smart Security for Max Protection

OK, since i have some request to how i set ESET for max protection; there the answer. (picture based with annotations)


- This setting may have a negative impact on resources usage and responsiveness for low-end machines.
- This setting will generate more alerts than default setting and may hamper your browsing experience.

first of all, we go to Setup > Enter Advanced Setup


A- Antivirus and Anti-spyware

B- Real-Time System Protection

Tick all boxes, then enter setup:

- Object: tick all
Options: Tick all

"Advanced heuristics/DNA/Smart signatures – Advanced heuristics consist of a unique heuristic algorithm developed by ESET, optimized for detecting computer worms and trojan horses and written in high level programming languages. Thanks to advanced heuristics, the detection capabilities of the program are significantly higher. Signatures can reliably detect and identify viruses. Utilizing the automatic update system, new signatures are available within a few hours of a threat discovery. The disadvantage of signatures is that they only detect viruses they know (or their slightly modified versions)."

-Cleaning: up to you, "No cleaning" will let you choose what action to take.
-Extensions: tick "select all"
-Limit: let it to default
-Other: tick enable "Smart optimization"

Advanced Setup

C- On-Demand Computer Scan

this is the manual scan settings, set them as you wish.

-ThreatSense Engine parameter setup: mostly repeat step 1-B; in "Other" also tick  Scan alternate data streams (ADS)

"Alternate data streams used by the NTFS file system are file and folder associations which are invisible by ordinary scanning techniques. Many infiltrations try to avoid detection by disguising themselves as alternate data streams."

D- Document Protection

Enable it

-ThreatSense Engine parameter setup: same as Step 1-B

E- Startup Scan

Same as step 1-B

F- Idle-State Scanning

Enable it if you need it, ThreatSense settings is same as Step 1-B

G- Exclusions

Set there any other security apps you have.

H- Removable Media

create rules for every USB/Ext-HDD/pendrives/mobile phones you own, so you will be protected  from infections


The most complicated part, i suggest you to set it on "Learning Mode" for few hours, during this time, you will have to launch every softwares/windows tools you used to use and known to be safe (mostly those that don't need an internet connection to run).
After you will set the HIPS to "Interactive Mode".

-Advanced Setup: Tick all

2- NETWORK (under testing)

A- Personal Firewall

i found ESET Firewall quite good especially with its IDS feature, that block malwares at the network level), Set it to "Interactive"

Rule and Zone

i let it as default, you may change some rules later depending your system.

IDS and Advanced Options

my favorite firewall feature

"The IDS and advanced options section allows you to configure advanced filtering options to detect several types of attacks that can be carried out against your computer."

Application modification detection

System Integration

Nothing to change

B- Connection View

Tick all

3- WEB and EMAIL

A- Email Client Protection

i let it as default; just set ThreatSense as step 1-B

Email Clients

Email Client Integration

Up to you


As default


As default

B- Antispam Protection

Address Book

C- Web Access Protection

The powerful ESET web filter.

Threatsense: As 1-B


Active mode: Select your browser and P2P clients
URL Adresses Management: Here you will block/allow websites.

D- Protocol Filtering

Enable it.

Excluded Applications: depend of you, i excluded my other AVs.
Excluded IP Adresses: depend if you trust some websites, i trust no websites ^^


i unticked "...exceptions based on certificates", since certificates can be stolen.

NOTE: With some non-popular websites, your browser will issue a warning.


Anti-Phishing protection

of course, enable it.


if i find out i did some mistakes or miss some elements, i will update the post accordingly.

I hope  it helped you.


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