Friday, January 25, 2013

[tips] How to protect your USB from getting infected

AS an IT repair guy, i often have to disinfect computer from malwares.
So i need my tools to be on my USB to do my job, unfortunately some systems have malwares that infect my USB flash/pendrive right away after i insert it.
Of course , i dont want to format my USB and recopy all my tools after each interventions...

There is some solutions/alternatives to that like:

- Using a media disc (CD, DVD, etc...): of course it is safe but quite expensive if i need to update my tools.

- Using a USB with write-protected switch: the simplest method, but a bit pricey especially if you already have many USBs.

the free solutions available are:

USB WriteProtector

USB Defender

of course , they are not the perfect solutions, but better than nothing ;)

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