Friday, January 25, 2013

[Review] Zemana Anti-Logger

The Good :

- Good protection
- HIPS-like module
- Light on system
- Can be run alongside other security apps
- Almost silent (Install & Forget)
- Easy to use
- Do more than just protect vs keyloggers

The Bad :

- Protection limited on x64 system
- Not free (but you may find many giveaways)



After some weeks of experiment, this is what i can say about Zemana Anti-logger:

1- UI : clear, simple, well designed, it show you the various modules and options.

[Image: th_Untitled-7.jpg]

2- Modules: ZAL is made of 5 modules:
- Anti-Keylogger,
- Anti-screenlogger,
- Anti-Webcam logger,
- Anti-clipboardlogger
- System Defense (this one, act like a HIPS, very strong, it monitors your RAM/registry/files for malwares). (MRG flast test 26/07/11) (MRG current result 2011)

3- Rule List: you can set there the rules you want ZAL applies when detecting a potential suspicious process.

4- Settings: there you can set the various alerts options of ZAL, the use of it whitelist, etc... an "Expert" button allow ZAL to ask about your decision to every alert it detect.

Thanks for reading.

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