Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Review] Shadow Defender

The Good :

- System-wide virtualization, protect all your drives even removable ones
- RAM used as cache
- Easy to use, almost no configuration required
- Security-oriented, few malwares may bypasss it
- Windows 8 support
- Light on system
- Lifetime License

The Bad :

- Changes made during Shadow mode not kept after a restart, testing software needing a reboot is not possible
- Paid (but for a lifetime license it is ok ^^



Since "Tony" the original developper is "back from the dead", We have now a new version of Shadow Defender.


Unofficial Forum (but the best place to get infos, considered as main forum)

the new version has a new UI and a new feature but basically it remains same as the older version

now the description:

1- System Status

[Image: 2q8xH.jpg]

Where the basic infos are summarized, all you need to watch is here.
"Space used by SD" indicate the amount of datas written since you entered Shadow Mode

2- Mode Setting

[Image: f1BzD.jpg]

this tab shows the different drives available to be protected in Shadow Mode, removable drives/USB flash drives are supported.

As you can see, there is a new feature called "RAM used as write cache", it allows you to set the amount of RAM you want SD uses to write the changes made to the system in your RAM instead that on the HDD.

now i pass on Shadow Mode :

[Image: iE3ze.jpg]

you can see my drive C & D are now protected (but not my USB)

When i want exit Shadow Mode:

[Image: IADNb.jpg]

3- Exclusion List

[Image: fdkV0.jpg]

the place where you will exclude files/folders from protection.

note: If you want exclude your AV (for keeping the signatures/program updates) be sure to exclude all of the AV's folders, also be sure that it doesn't change the registry base (the registry can't be excluded)

4- Commit Now

[Image: NUaVI.jpg]

this tab allows you to keep any changes made during Shadow Mode to your real system.

5- Administration

[Image: X4ftS.jpg]

Nothing special here, just options

Why you should use Shadow Defender:

1- Security: if you got infected, your real system is kept safe, set it to start at each boot and you can sleep when your family browse the web or install softs without your permission

2- Testing: you like to test malwares/keygen/softwares, SD is made for you but beware SD is not 100% bullet-proof, some rootkits may bypass it.

Final Note:

Shadow defender is one of my "must-have" software, it allows you to tighten the security of your system, any changes made in shadow mode are discarded after the reboot.

Shadow Defender is an awesome program "often copied, never surpassed", i rate it 5/5


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