Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Guide] How to set up Emsisoft Internet Security Pack For Max protection (Paranoid Style)

This is my guide for setting EIS for max protection:

Emsisoft AM

Behavior Blocker

[Image: JZhl8s.jpg]

Nothing to change , let all boxes ticked

Alert Setting

[Image: 9STI8s.jpg]

I wanna keep the cloud rating, so i let the community based alert reduction ticked, but i augmented/decreased the percentage to my needs; i also activate the Paranoid mode.

File Guard

[Image: yp4Mcs.jpg]

"Scan all files when they are read" is the most important choice here; it will block the file even during a download or extraction.

Surf Protection

[Image: U8dU7s.jpg]

nothing special to say here, just do like the screenshot (or set to Alert if you want more contro)l

Hosts Rules

[Image: LbXHis.jpg]

tick the 2 boxes, the nice features of EAM is the fact that you can add your own hosts rules to those already in place in EAM, personally i imported those of MVPS by clicking "Import Host Files" at the bottom of the tab.


[Image: WoXlis.jpg]

Nothing special here, follow the screenshot

That is all for EAM side

Online Armor Premium


I have personally no special rules, so i let it by default unless i want to block a particular process/IP adress.


[Image: K0x3Fs.jpg]

This is the "banking mode" configuration tab, all url entered will be either trusted, blocked or protected.


[Image: b341ks.jpg]

The HIPS of OAP, if you are truly paranoid, untick "Automatically trust programs that Emsisoft deems trustworthy", personally i found Emsisoft quite paranoid so i let it ticked to avoid a shower of popups.

File and Registry

[Image: oBatfs.jpg]

Here you protect your registry base and files, by editing rules, anyway just tick all the boxes.


No setting here until a process is flagged then you can Allow, block and delete it.


same as Autorun

Host files

[Image: HJhKPs.jpg]

OAP can monitor any access to the Hosts File , a behavior commonly used by malwares to block you from antivirus websites.

just let the box ticked (in options)

Options -> Firewall

[Image: JXkD9s.jpg]

You can block all traffic during boot but you will have to wait that OAP will finish to load to get your internet access.

That is all for OAP


This guide is the "default" paranoid mode , designed for all users and not for specific systems (with personal firewall/registry/files rules )

i will update the guide if i find something new.

Hope i helped you.

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